Cloud Computing


Cloud ComputingCloud Computing refers to the delivery of software applications and storage capacity as a service.¬†Cloud computing entrusts services with a user’s data, software and computation over a network. It has considerable overlap with software as a service (SaaS). Users access cloud based applications through a web browser or a light weight desktop or mobile application device while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location.

Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Minimize capital expenditures for hardware, software, networking equipment
  • Scale up your business requirements – Capacity Management
  • Ensure automatic software licensing compliance
  • Eliminate the business risk associated with owning and managing computer technology
  • Reduce administrative overhead and associated costs
  • Free existing IT staff to refocus on strategic, business building objectives and projects
  • Maximize business productivity with anytime, anywhere availability for users
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities

Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds ?

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