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WebHosting, The DNA Way !


We Host your Website, the DNA way! which means we are helping support your online presence.
We value this highly, as after all sometimes how you are perceived in the outside world means everything.
Whether you already have a website which needs improving or you are just starting out fresh, we have a solution which will fit your individual requirements.
Having a website means alot more then presenting a page to the world – its about exhibition and pride. If you are willing to be proud of your own business, then why not let it shine and glow for others to see ?
@DNA we dont call this a website but an onlineconnection point
In a business sense it is for improving existing customer relationships easily and building new ones.

Our Offerings

We are proud to offer you 3 types of Website Precense
Basic, Standard and Advanced. The below table illustrates the details of each:

If you know what you want and would like to buy, go to our store, if you have any questions, visit our Query Page


Basic Get This

Standard Get this

Hosting of you’re site – reliable servers with minimal downtime

Exhbition of your business on your site, a quick but effective impression of your business
Standard Speed and performance of site when loading pages.

Advanced Get this

  • Hosting of your site on our our higher performance Infrastructure
  • In Depth detailed analysis of your company and what you do
  • We Will help design this from the ground up or just improve what you have.
  • and exhibiting this for all to see
  • higher uptime – reliability, second to none
  • higher speed – Local Based Servers

Web Hosting Purchase

Ok now to get a better understanding of how we can help you please identify which one of these you are for when we speak to you:

  • I already have a website > I dont want it improved now, but maybe later (Initial Hosting Only)
  • I already have a website > But I want it Improved. (Initial Hosting, design)
  • I dont have a website > (Domain Purchase) Hosting

Our new years resolution is to bring you online for the cheapest price possible but still maintaining our high level of service and commitment.


Special Offer

So We currently have a special offer on our standard website offering, normally retailing at $20 per month, our special offer is for $15 per month – Minimum 3 months, Just click on the store and purchase the silver option. After this you can continue with the Standard or upgrade to the Gold. Or if you are not happy or simply don’t want to continue then you can also leave with no further charges.

Offer expires 22nd March 2014, so please book now to avoid missing out.

After the payment is completed then we will contact you to let you know how its going on our being the new provider of your website.
If you have any further questions please refer to the FAQ, or email us

Existing Websites. In order to provide a service to you if you have an existing website, the first thing we need to do is authorise DNA to host the site. This is just one extra step but is well worth it.

Basically to authorise DNA you need to fill out the authorisation form, which will allow to change the registrar. If you cant do this just yet – perhaps setup a new Shortened domain name – We have done this with our own website – digitalna.com.au was too long so we are also using digitalna.com.au
Perhaps this is the way to go forward and we can discuss these options for you also – however the name must be relevant to your company name for this to go ahead.

Anyway visit the store to grab this special offer before it expires!


**NOTE: Initial Setup fee of $50 applies


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