Social Media Network


Social media is about connecting, communicating and being visible. Done right it gives you the ability to connect with clients, potential customers,  partners, suppliers, the press, celebrities and, most importantly, experts in your sector.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. They can all help small businesses connect with your customers.  It’s a great way to market our businesses in a way that is not just advertisements. It is all about connecting and providing interesting and useful content.

All businesses, regardless of size, should be embracing business social media as a  proactive tool to form new customer relationships online while enjoying the boost in organic search rankings.

The Benefits of Social Media in your Business

  • Engaging the profitable, high margin customers that you want to serve now and in the future, and staying on their radars
  • Reaching out to your target market and influencing the conversations that take place in those spaces through the power of your brand and the presentation of your marketing message
  • Positioning your business to be found in all of the spaces where your current and future customers might venture
  • Proactively establishing your virtual territory so that a competitor cannot come in and knock you out of your leadership position (which if you lose, you may never be able to recover)
  • Protecting your online reputation so that misinformation or negative reviews are nipped in the bud and positive stories are spread as widely as possible
  • Generating new customers through videos, digital assets, and inbound marketing channels
  • Enhancing your overall marketing mix, which includes in-store/office and offline (print, other media) strategies

Media marketing with Digital Network Associates professionally creates and manages your social media profiles on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, YouTube, Flickr, and industry-specific community boards. Our goal with social media marketing is to build a relationship-based marketing strategy to touch your customers and help them take action.

Allow us to help you Integrate social media into your business, socializing your Business Brand and expand Your Network.

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